Powerplug ethernet/wifi multi room suggestions pls?

we've been looking at getting Power plugs for the following - what would be our best, cheapest option please?

Router is downstairs (Plusnet)....
-Ethernet needed in bedroom 1 for Smart Blu-ray (non WiFi)
-Same in bedroom 2, but WiFi also needed for Android box (WiFi black spot)
-Ethernet/WiFi in garden shed which is out of WiFi range

any solution suggestions please on the cheapest budget?


I use 2 powerplugs and a trendnet access point

Try devolo on fleaBay, you can get some cheap 500 or 650s , 500s with Wi-Fi. I have six around the house working well. Expensive new though.


what would be our best, cheapest option please?

You can't beat an ethernet cable and a bag of plaster. Fast, reliable and cheap, if a little more effort and mess to set up.
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