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Is there any way to have notes visible on your computer screen but not on the projected display when giving Microsoft Powerpoint presentations?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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hmm, good question, I can think of a way using OS X and spaces... but you are using Windows right? ...there must be a way...

This is a just a theory and might not work but worth a shot...i'm sure there is easier way... when you add second display change the display settings so you spread the display across the two screens (i.e half on your laptop and half on the projection) open two seperate powerpoint windows and resize one so it fills the projection and the other so it fills your laptop.

You can change the laptop/PC PP window so it shows notes. Remember to click both windows to step one slide forward in the presentation...should work.

Another way would be to manually resize the external display (I think you can do this in Windows but depends on your graphics card) so that only the slide is projected. That way you would always be on the same slide as the audience.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for that. I'll give it a go tomorrow. :thumbsup:

I would consider looking for some software that may do this. I work as a trainer and sometimes use a specific function built into my Lenovo Thinkpad - Presentation Director or Manager I think it is called. It comes as part of the onboard software that gives a variety of display settings. One setting runs powerpoint on a projector but on my Thinkpad screen I see my notes, the slide and also there is a timer showing how long I have been on this slide, how long the presentation has run etc. Not sure iof anything is available like this elsewhere. Sorry can't be 100% accurate on this but my otehr laptop is at work and to be honest I rarely have to use it. I tend to learn most of my stuff, ad lib and it can be a bit difficult trying to peer down at loads of notes.

There is a presenter mode within powerpoint that lets you do that

This link shows you how to set it up…htm

Why not just print off as notes. Then read them off the printout?
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