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    my daughter has doing a power point presentation and saved it on memory stick. yet when we put it in another computer ie my laptop it plays but with no sound & the layouts are all wrong. SHe has done this for a school project so dont want her to insert it at school to see it is all wrong. Any advise. using microsoft power point. thanks


    Hmm.. sounds like one of the versions of PowerPoint (either the one being used to open the presenation or the one that was used to create it) is newer/older than the other.

    In the immediate time, you could try ]downloading OpenOffice and use that to open the presentation

    Good luck

    I had a problem with the sound too on a pesentation. What I had to do was to embed the sound to it. In pp options there is a sound options. From there I increased the memory for the pp. Don't know if that helps as not very technical but the ? in top right hand corner of pp opens up a really useful help menu.

    you need to inbed the sound file into the Presenation, OR have the presentation AND sound file on a USB stick and run it from there. I can have a look at it for you if you want. Just PM me.

    Have you saved it in the right format?
    If the school's computer has powerpoint 95, 97 or 2003 and you have saved it in, say, 2007 then it may not look or sound the same. Do both of the computers you have used have the same version of powerpoint?
    Try saving it as a presentation.

    the most common problem is that when you have/ daughter has inserted the sound file that original sound file will be in a directory on your computer. But when you have transferred the presentation onto usb and opened it up on a different computer, The second computer can't locate the sound file's because the directory name isn't the same. Make sense? If not will gladly help if ya want.

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    thanks everyone, well the layout was fine on schools computer but no sound. So I have put the sounds on the memory stick and insert them from stick into preentation. Hope this works as its final day for it to be submitted tomorrow. Its no playing on my laptop and the spacing is also wrong but as long as its ok at school fingers crossed.
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