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i need to make a powerpoint presentation on a current topic that interests me in physical education.........can ppl make some suggestions on interesting topics..its for secondary school teaching.....and i had thought of doing obesity but i want to do something others wont b doin

Any help appreciated.


Something about the Wii fit? kids maybe a bit interested in the Wii bit.

the pressure put on teens to be thin,work out constantly,crash diet due to celebs? proberly the total oppositre to what you want! lol

fern cotton did a show a few weeks back about it all

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i was thinking more of "affects of drugs in sport" "factors affecting participation in sport" etc

Why not do something on 'what properties did our (some or a particular)greatest althletes have as teenagers'.
IE. Lifestyle, parental influence, mental attitude as a teen,'born with potential', etc,etc.

This would interest me.

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i know what im gonna do now, thanks for ideas.

The change for life campaign is very vurrent at the moment, why not highlight the importance of that and how they can get exercice.

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I think people would be able to relate well with the Wii idea by greg_68. Make sure its something they can identify with and add as much images as possible otherwise they will zone out fast.
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