PPI claim on Lloyds. They have 'closed it' incorrectly. How do I respond?

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Does anyone have relevant experience of the following and know the correct steps to take?

I opened a claim via Resolver and included an attachment with all previous addresses and employers. Lloyds snail mailed me a letter saying that they never received it.

They gave me 14 days to respond but the letter arrived on day 9 (inc 2 BHs) and I could not respond until I had a reply from Resolver on day 10. I had no option but to snail mail the response document as Lloyds gave no email address. Resolver resent the document on day 10.

I also phoned Lloyds who acknowledged they had the document on day 10.

I now have a letter saying I have not responded and they have closed the case.

Can I go straight to the Ombudsman or must I reply to Lloyds and give them more chances to deny my claim?

Thanks in advance for help
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So have Lloyds investigated or not? Have you had PPI with them? It's a bit vague.
Put another claim on and if they fob you off, contact the ombudsman
Wait a bit. They did that with me saying I hadn't responded fast enough when I did. I got a phone call about a week later. And ended up getting 3k back from mortgage ppi
I'd you don't hear anything in a few weeks just google the Lloyd's ppi claim website. The bank will send you a form to fill in. I'd you had savings at the time write it in, as what's the point of ppi I'd you could afford repayments.
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