PPL vs PRS - which one?

Found 7th Aug 2012

this isn't a promotional advert it's just a cry for help. I'm so CONFUSED! I soon will be releasing new material and would like to join a group which will collect royalties on my behalf. However after reading and emailing (and even joining the ppl) im confused which one is right for me.

I am an independent, song writer, rapper, performer with a record label which only consists of myself.

They both say they help performers but they say they differ. please help
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Doing gigs, that is how you make money, and writing songs for others, or do what most new artists do now, sell your soul of any credibility and go on X-factor, which has killed any chance of new musicians making it
What is the difference between PRS for Music and PPL?
PPL and PRS for Music respectively offer music licensing solutions to businesses and community groups within the UK to allow them to play or use music legally in public.

PRS for Music collects the license fee on behalf of song writers, composers and publishers. PPL collects the license fee on behalf of the performers and record companies. Together the two companies ensure that creators and companies who invest in creators are fairly remunerated.



cheers mate, that appears to be the best way forward. i wonder why its just not one company or why there is not a link to their site straight after signing up for the other. im even sure that it said no one else could represent me on the ppl site. anyway ill email them and sign up for rs. thanks!
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