PPW Express bankrupt?

Found 18th Oct 2008
Tried going on their site but says offline, and has been like that for some time.

Am i right to assume that they have gone bankrupt,

how am i meant to post my parcels now?

Any alternatives
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Who Are Ppw ExpressDONT LOOK LIKE IT … Who Are Ppw ExpressDONT LOOK LIKE IT ANYWAYhttp://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/b0d5c9d596171551c6fd05242dede1ab/companysearch?disp=1&frfsh=1224342786#result

some courier comapany that posted stuff for cheap.
If you google it you get the following message - indicates they are having web maintenance, so don't give up on them yet lol

Offline. PPWExpress is currently offline and under maintenance.
[url]www.ppwexpress.com/[/url] - 1k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this


It redirected me to "easymail" and the site still has a lot of lorem ipsum placeholding going on
Anyone know what is going on, I'm still waiting for a refund from them since the beginning of October, but they are not answer email and now the email is no longer exist.. Will I still able to get my refund back from paypal??
there ebay store is empty ......... stores . eb4y .co.uk/ppw…ess

im looking thru mse and other pages to see what is up
found this : forums.moneysavingexpert.com/sho…482

It's all in the hands of the administrators, apparently their debts will be settled by early November. I know very little about the whole process and what it all entails. As for a contact see my previous post on the last page (most of what wrote there is now completely irrelivant now).

ppwexpress used dhl to send the parcels, but dhl put the prices up and they couldn't afford the bill they got
dhl have stopped them from selling, which means they are now in the hands of administrators

there is rumour they will merge with parceltree but can't find any proper news on it

i would class ppwexpress as now gone

the next best one is [url]www.parcel2go.com[/url] £8 which goes via dhl, for a little more you can go via citylink and fedex

hope that helps

anyone who is owed anything will need to see the administrators
Administrators were apparently meant to be settling debts by the end of this week. We are owed a few hundred and have heard/had nothing, and I'm not aware of anyone else seeing any money either. Any news and I will try and post it here at some point, also worth keeping an eye on forums.moneysavingexpert.com/sho…482.

There is another post on hear recommending wigi dispatch, I would strongly advise avoiding them as they are just the latest company from shafi shalar who seems to send them into administration for a hobby.
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