prank ideas for work!!!!!!!!!

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Found 30th Oct 2007
well basically im a chef and work in a kitchen with a head chef. we have a cellar that everyone uses daily but there is a large section at one end where no-one goes. its through a little doorway and then there is a long cave (smugglers used to use it).

we are all planning to go down there on halloween night and me and my mate wanna play a few pranks. we have already panned to get some bones from the butchers, put one in an old boot and hide it until someone finds it. as you can tell we are going to the extreme, also going to use some fishing line and make some trip lines so things keep moving.

if you have any ideas i would be very greatful and all videos will be posted on youtube when completed for all your enjoyment.


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hahaha. where does it go to?? Has no one ever gone in there?

Pigs head from the butchers !! (or is that too sick lol)


Pigs head from the butchers !! (or is that too sick lol)

Old joke Chris, we want new ones lol

When everyone is halfway down the tunnel.........turn off the lights !!!!

Cut out a hole in an old table and put your head know the joke lol
remember and cover the head with that bowl cover (whatever its called)

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i would turn the lights off but its pitch black already so a torch is all we'll have and the people we're trying to scare probably will have them. we've been down there but its so long, we didnt make it to then end, too scary. we'll figure summat out =)

one of them remote control sound devices that plays a recorded sound, could really freak people out with that.

you need to find whats at the other end. If its an empty room you can set it up as like a torture chamber, like from saw.
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