Pre lawn fertiliser

Posted 22nd May
I am returfing back garden, approx 25 sq metres area.
Can someone recommend a preturf fertiliser.
I have westland lawn feed - is that the same thing?
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I wouldn't put any fertiliser into the soil before laying the turf , it could burn the roots. The main thing is to make sure your soil is raked level and you keep the turf well watered , at least for the first 4 weeks or so. Then I would consider fertiliser once it's been cut a couple of times.
in December I put down new top soil and re-turfed and I put down this stuff…ood

Seems have done the trick for my garden.
I did put down 4 tonnes of top soil down mind which was about 4" / 100mm worth
Get top soil that is pre fertiliser in already

That’s what you should get I’ve just done mine and it’s was a great success, read up on tips for best results
Lawn top soil I got not juts top soil
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