pre op tomorrow

    And i have a sore throat (not overly sore) and a bit of a cold.
    This app is 12 days before surgery .
    Will they cancel op tomorrow on strength of this. ?
    Or do ya reckon ill be ok cus its 12 days till op.
    Im panickin


    I wouldn't have thought they would cancel just yet, give it at least another week, if your still ill, give them a ring and seek advice.


    i wouldnt have thought so, but who knows, suppose it also depends what its for and your normal health

    I wouldn't think they will, but it's best to mention it to your doctor as it's for your own safety.

    whats the op for sweetie? i would think it depends on the doctor and his best practice guidelines as well as how invasive the op is. just try not to worry it will make you feel worse x x

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    its a hysterectomy Clarity.
    Ill not be poulating leicester anymore pmsl

    I wouldn't worry as that will just make you feel worse (easier said than done) they don't normally cancel unless its really close to the op just take care of yourself and i am sure it will pass.
    good luck with the opxx

    My sister had a mild cold and sore throat when she was scheduled for a small op with general anasthetic, she was convinced they would cancel it but they didn't and it still went ahead.


    its a hysterectomy Clarity.Ill not be poulating leicester anymore pmsl

    Aww honey that's a big deal. Not sure if they will go ahead unless you're feeling well but go along and see what they say.

    Hope you have someone to help you after the op? You're not going to up to running after those kiddies all by yourself for a while.

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    dh is taking 2 weeks off work Clarity.
    However people say its a longer recovery than that. So think ill have to call in the forces.

    This should not affect your pre op. You should see the anaesthetist the night before your op and he will make the final decision as to whether surgery goes ahead. I would have thought your cold would have gone before then anyway.
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