Pre-ordering on HMV

    Hey all,

    Was thinking of pre-ordering Rock Band 3 off HMV for the 3 free songs, it's just I'd wnt it on the day as im an impatient mofo!

    has anyone pre-ordered things off HMV before nd got them on the day?



    Ive always got them ON the day-never early like amazon/play/tesco sometimes do,but always bang on release date from hmv.

    I pre-ordered the new Dylan album last week, arrived 5 days after the date of release. wasn't impressed

    Original Poster

    thanks barky and rory. Ive gone for Amazon s i forgot im using an Amazon Prime trial! guarenteed now

    Ordered resident evil 5 off there took ages to come.

    I'm really ordering it for the free songs gonna be a pain if it doesn't arrive on release but if it doesn't I'll go in a collect it instore and cancel my online order hoping the code will come first

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    i think theyll be made DLC eventually,so I'll wait it out
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