Pre-owned - Xbox One S - Gears of War Ltd Edition 2TB - How much should I pay?

Found 10th Oct 2017
Hi! Any Xbox professionals out there?

I've been offered a (barely used) Gears of War Ltd Ed Xbox One S 2TB from a guy I know. He wants me to make an offer.

Any opinions on a price I should offer? Or am I better holding out for a brand new Xbox One S bundle?

Thanks in advance!
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That's a toughie, have you seen any for sale second hand to give a rough idea of the price of them? There is room to haggle, with it being second hand, someone you know and the new Xbox around the corner. I'd tell him to name his price then do my research and then negotiate a price?
Or start at a low price your comfortable with, if he says no, work your way up to your max point were you'd rather have a brand new Xbox s?
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This guy is maybe selling it as he wants to buy the new Xbox One X that is being released. Depending on your budget you might also want to consider getting that instead. If not, with black friday just around the corner there could be some great deals on the S model that might work out cheaper than buying it used from this guy.
250 A’s it is rare
Hold out for the Xbox One x. Or better deals which will surely be available when it arrives next month
He is likely to want top $ and as others have said, there are plenty of deals going to show soon. I would pass unless you can snag it for 175 or less. it's secondhand whatever the condition. Have a look on fleabay
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