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    morning all i have convinved my hubby that a year of no spending and saving like mad could get us totally debt free within about 6/7 months ive read some amazing stories on moneysupermarket and my house is fit to bursting with bargains sooooooooo im after a pre-paid card so i can only spend an allocated amount online food shopping etc so our visa cards are emergency only cards anyone have any or had any problems also after a card i can use with places like ryanair love or hate them i had flights to spain last year for 4p return ... any advise would be welcome x


    you can get a virtual card on that works with ryanair. post office do a prepaid card that works too.

    When you say it can be used with ryanair, is it considered to a normal debit/credit card and therefore incur their payment handling fee or is it like visa electron that is fee free?

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    an electron i guess for ryanair fee free but a debit or credit card too for shopping or 1 that combines would be better x

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    thanks both x

    u can get an 02 money card. all u have to do is load the card and go!!! u can only spend wot is on the card and it is accepted anywhere. Hope this helps u
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