pre paid credit card and paypal question

    just bought a new Skoda and they give you £500 of free fuel in the way of a pre loaded MasterCard in my name for £500
    it states I can spend it anywhere that accepts MasterCard but not pay at pump

    could I add it to my PayPal account and order some stuff of eBay not to withdraw cash
    here's a few excerpts from the t&c

    2. Your Card

    2.1 This Card, issued by Raphaels to You on behalf of the Card Distributor, will be loaded with funds from time to time at the request of the Card Distributor. The Card is a MasterCard debit card and is not a credit card or charge card.  You must not attempt to use Your Card to obtain credit. The Card shall remain the property of Raphaels at all times. Your Card is not connected to a bank account. Your Card cannot be used to pay off credit card bills, credit agreements, loan agreements or any other such debt instruments or for any other use referred to in Clause 4

    . Use of Your Card

    4.1 You may use Your Card to carry out the transactions specified in Your Card Carrier, Cardholder website or any other literature provided in relation to the use of Your Card. Your Card may be used for making payments for goods and services either online or at any Merchant displaying the MasterCard logo (unless otherwise advised by the Card Distributor).

    Your Card cannot under any circumstances be used for making payments at CAT terminals, [email protected] terminals, toll roads and bridges, car parking, automated train ticket machines, obtaining foreign currency, for subscriptions or automated periodic payments, gambling, or any illegal goods or services. Your Card cannot under any circumstances be used to withdraw cashvia cashback and cannot be used for cash withdrawals via ATM unless otherwise advised by Us.

    4.2 When using the Card at certain merchants, including hotels and restaurants, an additional amount may be held to cover tips/gratuities, temporarily reducing the Available Balance available on the Card. This is to ensure there are sufficient funds available to cover the final cost of the Transaction and to reduce the risk of a negative balance arising on the Card. If Your actual service charge or tip is less than the additional amount added it may take up to seven (7) days from the date of the Transaction before the difference is available to spend. Only the actual amount of the final bill agreed between You and the merchant will be deducted from the Card.

    Clause 4
    4.3 All payments made using Your Card shall be in the denominated currency as per Clause 2.2. If You are paying for goods and services in a different currency to the denominated currency, the amount payable shall be converted at the MasterCard conversion rate at the time Your Transaction is processed and in additiona Foreign ExchangeCharge will apply as set out in Clause 4.4. The MasterCard conversion rate is displayed on MasterCard website. The MasterCard conversion rate may vary throughout the day and is not set by Us.  Note that exchange rates can fluctuate and that they may change between the time when the Transaction is made and the time when it is settled and billed to Your Card.


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    Don't see why not. I'm sure PayPal will let you know if it's not acceptable.
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