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Found 30th May 2009
Does anybody know the best one to get to save me putting my switch card details online. Thanks peeps in advance.


I recently applied for a received an Elektron card from Halifax. I took out their easycash account and did not have to put money into it. I'm going to put a small amount in for online purchases.…asp

Hi. I use the PayPal prepaid debit card and the Virgin PrePaid debit cards. These are really handy when buying online as it minimises any loss to the amount that you want to hold on that card. There is usually a very small fee with every purchase tho but not much at all.

I use the Virgin Prepaid Mastercard.

Don't fret about using switch online, I work for a bank and use mine all of the time, they are hacked much less than mastercards.(You have more chance of it getting cloned instore).

Just open a second account with your bank ask for zero overdraft, link them with online banking and transfer the money across when you need to for purchases, thats what we do,

Had Virgin for 2 years, pretty good, Paypal topup card great Get my Paypal cash next day etc

And just recently went for a Cashplus Gold Card with full buyer protection, 1st to offer this.... This will also replace my Virgin card when it expires next month ;-) and only £4.99 when applying online....

Full details here....


PS I have not used a normal CC for a year now, great to be debt free etc, if you can get to this point etc....

I cancelled all my normal cards just over a year ago now....

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Thanks everybody. i've opted for the virgin pre paid, the only downside is it takes up to 16th of june to get to me.
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