Pre Paid Credit Cards

    If you are like me and have a rubbish credit rating, you probably find getting a credit card hard to get.

    However there seems to be a trend of pre paid credit cards. The only reason I would need one of these is to book train tickets on the web, and maybe hotel rooms over the phone.

    There is this new one, info here.

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of any, and if there is any hidden costs?


    As far as I am aware, these would not fully cover you/or cover you as well under the Consumer Act, as they are not lending you any money for purchases, especially on transactions of £100 or more, I was under the impression only real credit cards do this?

    Is this not the equivlant of a prepaid debit card with no real bank account and no overdraft?

    The T&C's

    monthly subs £4.95
    Card issue/replacement £9.95 max
    ATM withdrawal £2.00
    Cash withdrewal (bank) £3.00
    Opening acct or reload
    by DD £2.00
    automated line national rate
    Cust services Adviser £0.50 per min
    cancellation (refund
    of YOUR money from
    them) £10.00
    forein transactions 2.75%

    Best bit, if you do not use the card or top up within 120 days you get a £4.95 charge.

    OH DEAR :x

    Picking on the ones that already have difficulties with their money, like most money providers do, (most of them advertise on kids channels)
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