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Found 31st Oct 2007
Ok Ok I know that there have been posts about these before but there are some new ones out there,
my ex is wanting to give my 14 and 13 year olds these cards as he works abroad and doesn't want to send money in the post, this is his choice and will go ahead with it without looking into it, I would like advice from anyone who knows about this kind of stuff (I don't do/have credit cards which is my personal choice).

I have found a site that tells you about them which-prepaid-card.co.uk/fea…tmlwhich-prepaid-card.co.uk/fea…tml
but don't know what would be best ...... OR if a bank account with a card would be just as good,
kids will only use it for taking cash out which is why i feel the credit/debit card way is not needed,
I hope you all get what i'm meaning as I have flu and head is full of mush
thanks, xxxx

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As I understand, you can effectively go overdrawn on them, thus then turning them into a credit card!

secondly I think the users need to be over 18.

Any bank account with a payment card will require them to be over 16

My brother has a couple of these for various reasons.

You can't go overdrawn on them, you can only spend what has been payed onto them.

You pay 2.5% (it varies on the card) on every withdrawal from ATMs, purchases and on some when you top up the card as well.
On most there is also an annual fee, it will soon add up.

A simple bank account with a cash machine card is best if they are young, if a bit older (over 16) maybe one with an Electron card as they are limited.

The only useful thing about them is to make internet purchases IF you can't get any other type of debit card.
They can be used to make purchases on sites that you don't completely trust as the worst you can lose is the amount paid onto the card but I don't recomend them unless you really need one.

my brothers been using these mycashplus.co.uk/def…spx he says they are pretty good. you pay them £5 a month to use the card but no other charges unless you withdraw from a atm

seen some flyers about a card called tuxedo have no clue about its history, so worth to check the reviews.

Original Poster

thanks for the help guys, i think i might put my foot down and refuse the cards, i don't want the kids to get in the habit of using credit/debit cards (even though it's pre paid), i think they would be better just using a card from the bank, I just kinda needed a bit of info behind me for the fight ahead, and thanks again for all your inputs, rep added xxxxxxxxxxxx
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