Found 13th Jan 2008
My lad is going away soon on holiday and I was to provide him with some kind of financial back-up. I don't want him to have a credit card yet but have heard there is some type of pre-pay credit / debit card available.

any help being pointed in the right direction would be appreciated

Thanks in advance


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Talksport do one. Try going to [url][/url] and you'll find info on it there.

thanks for th links was looking to get one of these
they look good

All foreign exchange bereau's do them, you load as much or as little money onto them to take abroad with you or in this case to give tosomeone else. The balance can be checked at any cash point in almost every country, can be used in stores restaurants etc or just to withdraw cash. It is a better rate than cash or travellers cheques also

Just wondering if Paypal would transfer funds onto one of these? Would be a much better idea to have one of these linked to a Paypal account rather than normal credit/debit card and bank account.
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