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Found 31st May 2006
Anywhere for cheap roll of address labels pre-printed with my address?? The kind people put on the back of their Christmas cards...


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One that comes to mind is studio catalogue - I've used these guys before.


They would be £4.99 plus £3.99 delivery, making it £7.98 for 750 labels, that's a penny a label!

You probably can find these at other places, or there's also the option of just buying the inkjet blank labels and printing your own.

Or were you looking for cheaper than that Ducky?

A load of stores come up in the google search that I've never heard of.

Original Poster

Hi emma!! Thanks for that.

I was expecting them to be dirt cheap, but a seache quickly tells me that this is as cheap as they get... a lot of companies charge much more!!

The only place I can beat that with is eBay. £6.50 for 650 inc P&P.

I'll probably go for yours though.

Have a browse round studio too, if there's anything else you need. They are fairly cheap, and as you're gonna pay that £3.99 delivery charge anyway...
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