Precision Screwdrivers for PC/Laptop repair

    Hi, does anyone know of any precision screwdrivers that are good for taking apart PC's/laptops? I've got a cheap set from the local poundshop but they are rubbish. Want a decent set that I can use over and over.

    What are the good brands to use? //thanks


    Tesco have a good Draper set - Jewellers S/Driver Set 11 Piece only £4.50:…spx :thumbsup:

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    cheers, but ive seen those ones earlier. i've got a set similar to that as well.

    Should have been more specific in my original posting, sorry. I need a set which has the small heads (like the tesco draper set), but with big grips/handles. the handles on the set I have are too small and make it impossible to loosen up tight screws.

    There is a few companys that do a specific set of tools for PC/Laptop repairs . I have such a set myself and got a similar one for use at work . I think both were bought from CPC [cpc-farnel] . There always was a few sets to choose from at differing prices .You get a good selection of tools in a zipper case and I've been able to build all the pc's using just the cheaper set . Try the CPC website or maybe toolfix or similar companys like that .

    edit: just checked out the cpc site ..........they have quite a few on offer at different prices :



    A lovely set at [url][/url] £5.29 for 21 pcs…1Pc

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