Prediction: Who WILL WIN the Election, NOT WHO YOU WANT TO WIN.

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Found 14th Apr 2010
Prediction: Who WILL WIN the Election, NOT WHO YOU WANT TO WIN.

No slating of peoples choices, just who DO YOU THINK WILL WIN, NOT WHO YOU WANT TO WIN!

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Hung Parliament.

their all useless........will improve one thing and ruin 10 other things.

i think the conservatives will win, ruin a lot of things and labour will come back next election.

I think Labour will end up winning - in the UK no matter how much people moan, we don't tend to like 'change' so still stick with the same rubbish

I do hope I'm wrong but then again I am not drawn to any of the political parties, perhaps we are past fixing :thinking:


H[COLOR="Red"]a[/COLOR]ng Parliament.

+1 :-D


+1 :-D

+2 which means the Liberal Democrats will be running the country as the 2 main parties go begging to them

Probably Labour.

Doubt I'm voting as I don't particularly like any of the candidates.


Tories will do, as people think it will make it better, there won't be a hung parliment, all this was said before the Labour landslide in 97, people won't vote Labour or for change etc, they did.

tories after seeing the bookies odds

tories 1/7
labour 5/1
lib deb 150/1

I think it could be a hung parliment.

if it was tomorrow then I'd go for a tory win by a not great majority or hung parliament (if that happens then watch the lib dems sell out everything they stood for and against to get those ministerial limo's) but, I've got a feeling as the campaign goes on the likes of ed balls and mandelson won't like losing their grasp on power and will see them get increasingly desperate and dirty. Resulting the public finally seeing labours true colours and returning the tories with a large overall majority.

Oh and labour losing a load of seats up in scotland to the lib dems and SNP with the tories also sneaking 1 possibly 2 mp's in north of the border.

Think it will be a win for the snobs,I mean tories as they try to reach out to middle england!!


No one is voting within 20 miles of me


tories after seeing the bookies odds :)tories 1/7labour 5/1lib deb 150/1

+1 checked this before always the best way of finding out who may win

some public school boy toff

oh wait, that could be any of them

i think it will be long as it's anyone but the conservatives


There's no choice. Just a load of MPs who make bad choices on all sides.

Tories will win. This should offend my working class roots in a staunch Labour city but my apathy levels are sky high.
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