pregnancy advice please

    hey guys, found out i am preggers on sunday (only very early stage 5wks this saturdday) however it has been 6yrs since i had the small man, and have forgotten everything about the first trimester. i have this dull ache in my left side of my groin no pains etc and doesnt really hurt, its just noticeable if that makes sense, and i was wondering if anyone has experienced this, i just wish i cud forward the clock about 8wks and then i will calm down a lot lol.


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    i had something similar at about 6 weeks...even had some bleeding.. I was … i had something similar at about 6 weeks...even had some bleeding.. I was told the pain is normal..but any bleeding obviously needs to be checked out...sounds normal..but get it checked out to be on the safe side..... at my local hospital the do early scans if your worried,oh and congratulations x

    thank you

    yes i bleed with my first at around 8wks so i am prepared for that but dont remember this sort of ache i know each pregnancy is different, i was 33 the other week and whilst i know a lot of friends who have had kiddies in their 30's when i looked on the internet etc it freaked me i.e statistics etc

    i had something that sounds like that pretty much throughout mine,felt kind of like when you get a stich but not the same place if you get me.

    I would definitely get an appointment to see doctor as it is only on one side - I cut and pasted this from another site....

    "Cramps during early pregnancy are quite common. Cramps should be mild and never unbearable. However, if they become severe or are more prevalent on one side and are accompanied by any other unusual symptoms, let your doctor know right away."

    I know someone who had an ectopic pregnancy very early on and had dull pain on one side only - I definitely don't want to scare you just reassure you to see a doctor who will be able to alleviate your fears.

    Congratulations :-D

    when i was early stages with my youngest i had a sharp stabbing pain in one of my sides so went and got it checked out, they sent me hospital straight away as suspected ectopic pregnancy and everything turned out fine hes now a healthy 2yr old to this day i dont know what caused the pain, it didnt last right through pregnancy it soon subsided but like a few comments have said its better to get checked out

    congrats x

    Alot of the time it is just your womb stretching etc, but i would just get checked out by the doctor or midwife just to be on the safe side.



    i had pains down below hun it's quite normal x

    but rather than worry get checked over :-)

    i'm ttc atm not looking forward to the pains and sleepless nights but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

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    thanks guys, just rung the docs and he said this is quite normal, as i dont have shooting pains or severe ones accompained with bleeding he is not worried but made me aware that should obviously anything change to call him, (fingers, toes, legs crossed i wont). he has put my mind at rest for the time being 4hrs lol, i thought i would be calm on the 2nd one, clearly not. i did read that my body had already been stretched due to already having a child and on your 2nd etc you can feel the stretching etc more but its reassuring speaking to mums already in this situation. google searches can freak you.

    Yes I did too - it is a worry even though you know its normal you can't help it. Congratulations by the way!


    however it has been 6yrs since i had the small man

    Wow! I thought it was 9 months for a pregnancy! :?
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