Pregnant wife needs a dress for a wedding

    I'm going to a wedding a week next Saturday and my Wife is having a dress crisis. We had a couple of options, but last night the last of them fell through leaving her nothing appropriate to wear.

    The main complication is that she is 8 months pregnant, the second issue is that she's pretty tall. She wanted to wear a Maxi dress as it looks nice with a bump, but some of the ones she's tried come up too short.

    Can anyone recommend any decent online sites which may have a good range of maternity dresses?


    fun mun might be worth a try? x

    Or new look maternity have some nice dresses. Also tall so know what it's like!

    Long Tall Sally have a sale on online at the moment and have some great maxi dresses

    For non sale I have gotten 3 maxi dresses from Next and have had numerous positive comments

    Asos also have a good range of maternity and free delivery. could try a free and return what doesnt work.

    Original Poster

    I was thinking of somewhere with free returns and just ordering anything half suitable. At this late date I think we need to try everything!

    Will check out all the above. Any other likely places?

    I bought a dress for a wedding when i was 8 months pregnant from Red Herring @ Debenhams....... their maternity stuff is fab!
    Hope she finds something.......... I remember what a state i got into!!

    Ask yourself what Wayne Rooney would do in this situation.
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