Premier Fantasy League: Head 2 Head Fixtures & Results....

    thought i'd just ask here as its actually the HUKD H2H League im in..

    I currently sit 3rd in the H2H league, every week, picking up points as my team... however, my H2H points state just 26, although my team points for the w/end, state 46

    Does anyone know how the points are worked out with regards to the H2H League? It seems every one else has points identical to their weekly total?

    cheers in advance


    How do i join the HDUK league?

    Did you do any transfers? They take points off your total

    I was wondering this too as I seem to have been 5th for ages but dropping in the main league

    Original Poster

    no, i mean the weekly points , like this weekend I have 25 points in the H2H league, but on my "latest team points" (for sat, sun and last night) i have 45points.

    is this the one on im 7th in the hukd league on that lol
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