Posted 1st Jun 2022
I know there are a few here who subscribed to DAZN Canada or Mola TV for the Premier League and Champions League but what are your plans for next season?

I'm not including certain IPTV services by the way. I'm only talking about official channels.

DAZN lost the Premier League to Fubo, but they will still have the Champions League and Mola's Premier League rights have also come to an end.
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    I'm looking for a replacement for SSport+ don't mind paying a fair amount for quality service. Any ideas? TIA
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    I've just checked and you need an African ID number, which I assume is the equivalent of our National Insurance number, or a passport to be able to sign up to Supersport so I suspect it'll be a non starter.
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    Amazon and BBC break BT stranglehold on Champions League football ⚽️🏆📺

    • BBC to show highlights for first time from 2024-25 season
    • Amazon seals deal for 17 live matches on Tuesday nights…all

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    I have peacock, going to get fubo. Still have dazn ca for cl and darts rugby etc.
    What rights do Peacock have? How much is that, approx? I would like to keep access to darts if possible but I don't want to be paying too much. I actually stopped my dazn sub in favour of Mola for the PL and watched the CL in other ways. Mola was only about £3 a month
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    vidio indonesia has prem next season.
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    I’m out of contract with sky in September and would love to dump them. Are any of these places able to show football and f1?
    Not legally afaik
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    Optus is do able, for epl cheap look on ssports thread on here (edited)
    Optus is now $25. Google for details as my original post with link was removed.
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    Broadcasting Premier League broadcast deals for 2022-2025 and beyond
    I wonder if turkey dazn will be in english (edited)
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    I'm wondering if it might be worth getting supersport because I am fairly sure they also have the champions league rights.

    It would be nice to have at least the EPL and CL on the same thing, and personally, the darts as well if possible.

    I'm not sure I'll be bothering with the CL when it goes to the crappy new format from the season after next.
    How do you about getting a Supersport app subscription? (edited)
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    anyone found a new dazn canada yet?
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    Never mind. I signed up to Vidio. £30 for the year
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    Does anyone know if Vidio will be showing EVERY premier league game or just set ones? I have looked everywhere and can't find any information on it
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    Anyone having issues with no English commentary on games with setanta sports ?
    It’s a common issue with Setanta - seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which games they do cover with English comms.