Premier League Mini League .... PLEASE JOIN... IT'S FREE!!!

    This is the follow up to the 'succesful' Euro Mini League

    Difference to the Euro Mini League:
    1.You only choose 1 team and this team you choose will be your team throughout the whole of the Premiership season. (i.e Chelsea, Man Utd)

    2. If someone else has already chosen a team that you want, then you cannot choose that team ... so 2 players cannot have the same team. (i.e someone chooses Man Utd you then cannot chose Man Utd)

    3. The points scoring system will not be changed.

    4. You can send me your team predictions straight after your teams last match or anytime until your team's next match begins

    5. You only send me predictions for your own team

    1. Please do not sent all your predictions all at once, give them sometime between the match before and the next match.
    2. Try and make your predictions everyweek if possible, if you miss the predictions you wont get the points.
    3. New users can join at any time but obviously they will have a dis-advantage due to not predicting the previous scores.
    4. New users will be underlined.
    5. 1 point winners will be highlighted in red.
    6. 3 point winners will be highlighted in blue.
    7. Failure to make no predictions in the space of 5 matches will result in you being removed from the league .... unless you have a reason for not making predictions ( i.e On Holiday)
    8. If you don't make a prediction, I will PM you your 1 HOUR WARNING before the your team's match and hopefully you might make the prediction.
    This is the way the points system will work.... I'll take Chelsea vs Pompey as an example.....
    The person who has picked Chelsea will send me a PM giving me their predicted score..... Lets say 2-0 Chelsea...... and this is how the points will work out.
    If the score is 2-0 Chelsea he'll get 3 points
    If the score is 1-0 Chelsea he'll get 1 point because Chelsea still won.
    If Portsmouth win the player will get no points at all
    (it also works in the same way if you predict a draw)
    If you want to join, please go on the discussion thread below:…ead
    Any Questions please ask because i'm sure i've missed something!
    Still Available: Blackburn, Bolton, Everton, Fulham, Pompey, Spurs, WBA, Wigan


    Original Poster

    Femstar - Arsenal
    Tazandsaz - Liverpool
    Marsland - Man Utd
    Frollickingfrill - Middlesbrough
    Sc0ward - Newcastle
    Ofb1988 - Aston Villa
    Midlands - Stoke
    Redlron - West Ham
    Boydent999 - Man City
    tanboy - Sunderland
    smithyp1 - Chelsea
    karim786 - Hull

    Original Poster

    res for teams and preds

    could you do one of these for the championship

    Original Poster

    not really it'll take up too much of my time and I don't think anybody else would want to join in. Could you please delete your above post and discuss on the discussion thread

    Original Poster

    I thought a lot of people would be up for this! ... Obviously not....

    Original Poster

    Karim786 added
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