Premier Range Limited - for appliances anyone heard anything about them?

Posted 5th Mar 2009
I was going to buy hob and oven from them but i couldn't find out much about them. Does anyone on here know anything. I don't want to get stung and not receive any goods from them.…php

Any help greatly appreciated.
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There are actually two websites that operate from the same registered address & the same listed telephone number, which is unusual :…0f9…cd0

The kitchen company is a registered company though :


Thanks, forgive my blondness but what difference does a registered company make?:thinking:
They've probably only been trading since November 2007 (date company was incorporated, i.e formed).

The site looks OK but I'd only buy by Credit Card, just in case in the present economic climate.
Thanks credit card sounds good to me. :roll: Am i protected for the full purchase price using a credit card?
I wouldn't deal with this company again I bought 2 glass hobs from them, both were faulty first one they wouldn't change burner that didn't burn properly the second the gas wouldn't stay on when you took your finger off ingntion. I didnt pay with my credit card sorry to say and its hard to get your money back from the company.
Fault oven,newley fitted and faulty,cannot be fixed by their service company,Premier not replying to request to replace,this oven is only fit for the bin,yes this firms products are to good to be true,so spend your money elsewhere, as you will be throwing it away at Premier.
They use ebay heavily

Postage is dear!

Genuine company though
Would not recommend them -DO NOT BUY FROM THEM - terrible customer service!!!

They sent me the wrong item, then they said as they couldn't prove who was at fault I would have to pay to return it!
Awww no
Why didnt i read the reviews first !!!!
Just ordered a hood and glass hob with splashback !!!!
How do they get way with this
Will review again when i receive items
They have the worst customer services department I have ever experienced. They will take payment for an order even when they know they do not have the goods in stock and when you try to cancel and obtain a refund the fun really starts, I am still waiting for a refund. They claim that the owner a Mr James Simms is based in China and cannot be contacted!!
I bought a white gloss splashback from them off ebay which arrived promptly and well packaged and it does look very good. However, when i bought it i was getting it delivered to my home address but then changed my mind and rang them about getting it delivered to my work address which for security they wouldn't do. Fair enough, so i asked about what options i had about canceling the order then reordering it again. The lady said she would ring me back after speaking to her supervisor. The next thing i heard was at nine o clock in the evening when i had an email from Paypal saying that they had cancelled my order and that my money had been refunded. But Paypal then took four days to give me my money back. In the end i had to change my delivery address on ebay and re-order. Yes, their customer services are incompetent at best but it is a good quality item. I do want one of their 60 cm glass hobs but am in two minds now
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This thread on UK Whitegoods began in 2008. That tells you something. It tells you more that the bloke forced to dump a fourteen month old range cooker because of an unobtainable £8 spare part should complain that £350 is not cheap for a cooker. He wrote that back in 2012. The price of Premier Range is still about £350, which says a great deal about the company’s dedication to cost-cutting and cheap materials. This is a Lancashire based outfit that imports all its parts from you know-where. Anyone can get a duff product, even from reputable sellers [who are not legally obliged to provide warranties or spare parts it seems], but this lot shouts ‘avoid’. By the way UK Whitegoods is an excellent resource for anyone unfamiliar with the website – good for historical background [who owns what company; no silly, AEG aren’t ‘German’. AEG was wound up and removed from the companies register in 1996…..] and even spare parts.

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