Premium Bonds: Are they worth it?

Found 19th Mar 2009
Just wondering whether I should get my dad to put in £100 for me??

What are the returns on the investment like?

Any tips?
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Ive have them for about 3 years, got £250 worth but i have never won
with interest rate as it it, chance of winning anything VERY VERY slim especially if your only puttting in £100....maybe an ISA you will get a bit more of a return
i would stick with the bonds, yes you are unlikly to win but the interest off £100 is also not going to change your life so the bonds will be more fun.
who knows maybe you will get lucky.

i should say that i have had a couple of k worth from many years ago which i saved up when working in tescos and have only every won £50 twice, oddly enought one month after another
there is a caluclator on MSE saying your chances of winning
Over 1 year, you are ~3% likely to win £50 or more.

I.e. odds are very low! HOWEVER if you put it in an ISA for a year, you'd earn about £3 in interest... whoop-de-do.

Stick it all on the grand national in a couple of weeks or go buy a bunch of stuff in the sales.…or/
my dad won £50 yesterday on the bonds
last year i think he won about £200 before that he hardly won anything in the last 10 years just £10 here and there

its unlikely you will win but if you do invest the winnings in more bonds there for you have more chance of winning more

edit:must have been £50 here and there not £10
£100 will earn you about £3.50 in a year.
£3.50 for 100 entries, 12 times a year with the chance to win a couple of £million each time?
Sounds good to me.
Thanks :-)
Think i'll do it :-D
I have had £4200 in for 25 months and have not won a bean......

There's always hope..... ;-)

I have had £4200 in for 25 months and have not won a bean......There's … I have had £4200 in for 25 months and have not won a bean......There's always hope..... ;-)

Just don't kick up a stink when you do win some beans!:-D
I've had £100 pounds for about 10 years and have won 2 lots of £50 in that time
I beleive that the rate is dropping to 1 % in June for the bonds, but there are new £25 prizes and only one £1,000,000 prize.

Not won anything as yet

But there is always a chance and with interest rates as low as they are, it is worth a shot
my mum and dad had bonds for 30 years and never won a thing !
whilst the interest rate is so low its worth a gamble i reckon, than the mere £3 you swould get on a savings account
lol £100
I work in a building society and has a customer today who invested £100 for their grandson last year and he has already won £5750.

All luck of the draw, and he must be VERY lucky!!

Good luck
black gerbil1;4688580

lol £100

at least I dont tell lies about my life, on a deals forum :thumbsup:
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