Posted 24th Jan 2023
Savings accounts and ISA accounts are also going up
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NS&I will increase its Premium Bond prize-fund rate to 3.15% from 3% for its February 2023 draw and beyond, with an extra £15 million in higher-value prizes up for grabs. The odds of winning will remain the same at 24,000-to-one, but there will more prizes between £50 and £100,000 available.
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    Govt needs our money, they broke lol.
    I think you'll find we're broke not the Govt, they've trashed the economy and we're all suffering for it
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    Going in the right direction.
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    Has it went up already or is it going to go up?
    From Feb 23, so no.
    Unless you are from the future, in which case Yeah Baby!
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    Sounds good! Looking forward to winning 10p in the TCB competition and a million quid in this.
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