Premium Bonds winnings

    I have won £100 on the Premium Bonds HURRAY!! I got a thing that looks like a cheque but OH threw away all the rest of the stuff that came in the envelope...does anyone know if I can cash this in a post office (we still have one!) or do I have to pay it into a bank account?


    it's usually just a cheque, payable in your bank, unless you have opted to just have winnings reinvested, in which case you would have been sent premium bonds to the value of £100

    congrats i won £25 last week its not actually a cheque and it has to be paid into bank account cant be cashed at post office

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    Thanks for your help - yes I was really pleased, just in time for Christmas shopping too...thats why I was hoping I could cash it but I'll pay it in to the bank tomorrow. - repped you both and Good Luck for future draws!:thumbsup:
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