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Found 18th Jul 2009
Hey guys, I've had an email from my Mum regarding a problem my Dad has had with his mobile & getting texts that are coming through. (I've added the email below since I don't think I can explain it very well!) Apologies for the whole email I've pasted!

Anyone know what's going on?
Thanks in advance!

Dad has had a serious problem with a text service sending messages to his mobile today - it drained his money on his mobile. I was with him tonight when one came through, then another then another came through. He sent a STOP message but still the text messages kept coming through. It appears he got a text from 89366, the cause of the problem. It was something about having photos at £2 per text but I could be confusing it with a second number, 07921 889344, cold-calling him. He sent a STOP message to 89366 (I was with him when he sent it plus it was recorded as sent on his mobile) yet messages were still coming through.

Because his money had drained, he went out to Tesco tonight and put more money on (I told him to put the minimum on).

He deleted these texts but on checking his (new) balance each time found he was being charged for each text even though he was deleting them. I then urged him to remove his SIM card which he did. He now says he may have to get a new SIM card, which may mean a new mobile number, and he will contact his provider (Tesco) tomorrow to report the problem with the texts.

I told him this was an old scam even a few years ago but he said he can't tell who is texting him until he opens the text, I admit it's the same with my mobile as well.

Do any of you know the solution to the problem?


i THINK if you reply STOP to any sms company they have to stop texting you.....tried that?
just seen you have done your proider and get them to block the number, they will also be able to give you more info about what the company is so you could maybe get their number and file a complaint directly...

I'm pretty sure you have the number right as this site seems to match up with what you're saying:

Contacting Tescos is a good place to start as hopefully they can do something to block the messages although I'm not sure what they actually offer. Another route that's worth going down is to make a complaint to Phonepay Plus as they are responsible for regulating premium rate numbers and text systems - it doesn't sound like this service is being operated properly mainly because they didn't stop sending texts after the stop code even allowing for reasonable time to process it.


after trying that I would consider changing his number as you suggested....would be a lot cheaper

I used to work for a mobile phone company, and they can stop the txt coming and i would also ask for a refund,

It does have to be something that your dad has replyed to some kind of company,

To stop the service – Text stop to 89366 (not case sensitive). We do our best to make sure the stop command is instant but in rare cases there can be a short delay where messages can still be delivered to you. If messages are in the system but haven't been delivered to you by your network you may still receive them after sending in the stop command.

Sounds like your dad has a load of messages still waiting to be delivered, and there's no way of knowing how many so I would change the sim now and save a whole heap of money.

Original Poster

Thanks folks

Have let my Mum know the bits of info you've all been kind enough to post. I may have dropped my Dad in it though since it looks like one of those premium chat lines :-D I wonder if he requested the pictures but his phone is rubbish & doesn't support photos so he's probably disappointed :oops:

Thanks again, repped :thumbsup:

even if they are a queue of messages waiting on the sever your phone company can flush your inbox. and they'll get deleted before ever reaching the phone, then it should be safe to put the sim card back in. Perhaps you should then lock premium services on his phone.

They have to be by default on all payg mobiles these days anyway so I guess he must've enabled it. - show him the internet, it's much cheaper.
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