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    Anybody else been ripped off by these people... Be aware dont ever get a trial product form these people, they charge you a hell of a lot of money fi you dont return the item within 14 days., Somewehere in the very small print that what it says or so I'm told by the cheesy voiced yank on the other end of the phone......


    Premium White? Are they high class coke dealers? :?

    Should have returned the item within the 14 days!

    sounds like the bread i buy

    Never heard of them :? Who are they, what did you buy?

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    Hindsight is a wonderful thing aint it...., how many go thru the full terms & conditions before entering the contract....? Its just a rip off and I bet they've caught quite a few people out. Its not like me to get caught like this, will be the last time though lol :oops:
    Its a toothpaste item well like a gel pen that you put on teeth after brushing then take off after a minute... not bad but need to keep using it but not at that price

    how much did you get stung for? and are youre teeth any better?

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    $87 and yes but prob need to keep using it but as said previously not at that price

    And to trickyjabs, coke probably cheaper.......

    i sent off for the sample offer and as i mentioned on the crest freebie post earlier, (just warning people incase they signed up for the offer and they were getting into a contract like we obvioulsy did) i received an email stating my next pack was ready for dispatch i called the number up the next day and advised them that i hadnt even received the sample, they canceled my order and although the lady stated i should of done this within 14 days i advised her i couldnt as hadnt hhad the item and no time to try it.... have you called them if you didnt get it straight away try complaining even if they reimburse you some cash it's worth it, havent tried it yet as i heard trying this one along with the crest gave exceptional results and only cost me 4pound for both so hopefully will have pearly whites very soon
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