Preorder Joker Grin and Wear It Jacket £69.99 free delivery

Posted 28th May 2020
Joker Grin and Wear It Jacket Preorder from merchoid (September)…%3D


Price includes free delivery

plus random spin the wheel for possible discount, I got £5 off

It's not easy being Arkham Asylum's most notable inmate, the ruby red smile, the green hair, sometimes you just need to go about your nefarious business a little more incognito. This premium Joker jacket can help you blend into the shadows during a Gotham night and under the radar from that pesky Bat.

Sure, a suit gives off an authoritative vibe, but sometimes you just need to take it down a notch, for practicality and comfort

Decorated with embroidered patches, including Joker's signature logo on the back, only the best will do for the Clown Prince of Crime!

Faux leather with distressed detailing give this jacket the edgier look that Harley likes these days

Black isn't just for the Bat, you know

I didn't want to post as a deal as the discount isn't guaranteed
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Urgh! No thanks.
Predikuesi28/05/2020 09:15

Urgh! No thanks.

Won't be to everyones taste but there's no obligation to buy. Thanks for commenting
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