preorder or wait for release??

    Hiya, I'm waiting on desperate housewives season 3 which is due 4 release next month but I've never liked a program that much before to be waiting for the release so was just wondering how they normally work, is it cheaper to preorder or wait 4 release?

    I thought that maybe when it was released prices may drop with sites wanting u to buy it from them or whatever but then it could go the other way and shoot up in price.

    Am totally skint but LOVE desperate housewives so just wondering the best way to buy it as the 30 quid preorder is still a bit steep 4 my budget atm but would rather pay that than the 44 rrp



    Well. its cheaper to wait because promos start

    But if you pre order youll have it @ ur door on release date

    Wait for release is cheaper, but like qazim said. If you pre-order, you have it on the release date.

    Original Poster

    Thanks that's what I thought might happen but thought I may be being over optimistic lol

    I'll wait 4 the release I don't mind an extra week or so to get it

    Thanks all
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