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Found 26th Mar
Good morning all, is anyone aware of a prepaid card I could get for travel to Ireland? For use in restaurants and shops to avoid paying bank charges for using card in ROI.

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I use Revelot for things like that.
And when buying online in another currency as there's no charges.
I use revolut.
We use FairFX for Euros. There is a guide on MSE to the advantages / disadvantages of each card.
Have given up on prepaid cards as they charges are extortionate. They all have nice ads but there are usually charges of 1% to 5% on each individual transaction. And getting your cash back off the card costs money as well.

I use a Halifax Clarity credit card which has no charges and gives you close to money market rates at the time of transaction. I try to pay for anything and everything with the credit card to minimise cash needs as ATMs are relatively expensive. I do use my bank card to take out Euros for cash spending.

When paying a Euro charge, I usually am offered a choice of Euros (and the exact amount will on my next bill according to the rates applicable at that time) or a fixed GBP value. I've taken to accepting the fixed GBP value and given up trying to be clever and worrying about saving a few pennies if the exchange rate goes in my favour. It's pennies, not £000s I would save/lose.
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Starling Bank is flawless, including free foreign ATM cash withdrawl. I use it all the time when abroad. The only time I use my Halifax Clarity card is for section 75 protection
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Use Revolut

You can use a digital account (I heard you use your Phone if it has NFC)

If not then you can get a physical card (this costs £5) but you need to top up £10 to order

Delivery may take awhile but mine arrived quickly

You'll need some form of ID to register such as a Valid Passport, driving license.

So be aware of this since I had to get a top up refund since I needed to verify my identity so I can use it
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