Prepaid debit cards

    I was just thinking of getting one of these, only to buy goods online, just to make sure that my bank account will be safe 24/7. You can put money on these from any paypoint/post office and use it straight away.
    There are a lot of fees, from buying the card, to withdrawing at an atm, to even putting money on the card.

    I wouldnt be using it at atms and 30p per £10 put on seems fair to ensure my bank account is safe.

    I was thinking of going with splash plastic

    Used to use them before they had these.

    Anyone confirm how good these are?


    I dont really see the point. If your worried about buying online, then use a Credit Card and pay it off each month. This is a free & very secure way of buying off the net as your goods are protected by the CC company

    Just get a another debit card bank account and transfer £100 a month/week for example.

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    Can't get a credit card, only 16(Y)

    i looked into these a while back, a nice idea but the fees put me off, some have a monthly fee and if its not used its a waste

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    I think splash plastic have a yearly fee of £4.95, which isnt too bad.

    yeah thats not too bad but the atm withdrawals plus deposit fees all add up, and when its your own money its a bit much

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    True, I think i might take a visit to lloyds tsb tomorrow or wednesday

    im going to scare you now tomm
    you seem like a nice lad - but you worry too much

    your FAR safer shopping online than you are in a shop - i used to work in EPOS (till admin)

    put it this way
    you buy something from a shop - you pay by card - 2/3 reciepts are printed
    1 is your copy fo goods purchased
    1 is your card reciept (part of card number)
    1 is the shops copy - which USUALLY has the full card number and expiry date on it -incase of problems

    all it takes is this to go in the bin by accident or to fall out of the tills - and its in someone elses hands - or more likely a dodgy sales person... In my previous job i had access to so many card numbers it was unreal!

    Also this doesnt include the copy thats kept on the till,and the pcs in store

    now stop worrying!


    True, I think i might take a visit to lloyds tsb tomorrow or wednesday

    my son is only 12 and the natwest have just issued him with a solo card, they are quite widely accepted :thumbsup:

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    I think i might get one from lloyds because for 16+ your issued with a visa therefore i can use it virtually anywhere.

    Thanks for the help everyone!
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