Prepaid minecraft PC Card?

Found 8th Sep 2014
I'm buying my daughter a laptop along with minecraft to play on it.

I was going to spy online and just download it, but noticed in game today that they have a prepaid gift card. I know it's the same price but it means it's something I can wrap for her.

Does anyone know if these gift cards come with an expiry date? I would be looking at buying soon, but not validate it till Christmas Day. Obviously wouldn't want it to expire while it sits waiting for Christmas to come along.

Thank you
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I'm sure I've seen them in Tesco or Asda but not sure if they expire or not
If they did have an expiry date, it probably wouldn't be for at least a year.
I did check online at their terms but can't see anything about expiry, I may just buy it and keep my fingers crossed it all works on Christmas Day thank you.
you could ask the staff in game, but agree usually at least 12 months
I asked in game and she said she feels it may be 12 months too but couldn't 100% guarantee it.
Most preloaded cards have an expiry date, some stamped on them or on the packaging and some at the point of activation when you pay at the till.

Ask for the manager, tell him it won't be redeemed for a while and ask him to sign the receipt for you so that if it expires he will replace.
Ive had one lying in wait for about two years to get my upgraded OC,now I kinda misplaced it. O you think it'll work when I find it?
Can u get it at tesco
It doesn't expire i brought one in 2012 and it still works
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