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    is there any SIM that has a fixed minutes, txt and data prepaid. Without any time limit, once it is used up, a new card is then needed. A bit like '3' 12GB prepaid card, but minutes and txt included and with much longer validity instead of 3 months?


    Freedom pop u get free mins n txt each month?

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    thanks, just that Freedom pop does not have enough data. My usage fluctuate a lot - in a month - most of the times is 0 (stay at home), at times 2GB (out on trips). Getting a 3-5GB plan just too wasteful.

    You can buy 'tethering' mobile broadband bundles on 3 payg that can be used on the phone. 321 rates, I have not seen anything like you want in UK, years ago in AU Telstra rolled over payg plan allowances and any bonuses given (but not add ons) when you recharged $10+ every 30 days, I had 15000 minutes, 25000 texts & 40GB for months and months and months lol was brilliant I used to recharge $50 when they had a xxxx minute bonus promo on. You could then even send the $10+ recharge to any other Telstra payg user or buy a 30 day add on for UK/US/NZ calling which was about 5% of the per minute UK call rate, haha. Good cheap times!

    No such luck UK side
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