Prescription charges & Dentist Fees increase from 1 April

Found 27th Mar 2009
(source: Moneywise)
"Prescription charges

Prescription charges also increase this April, from £7.10 to £7.20. So, if possible, try and make a doctors appointment before the 1 April and definitely make sure you collect any outstanding prescriptions before this date.

Pre-paid prescription certificates which can save you money if you need a regular prescriptions - will also rise in price in April. Currently, a three-month certificate costs £27.85 but this will increase to £28.25 from 1 April. An annual certificate will increase from £102.50 to £104.

The good news is that from 1 April, cancer patients will no longer have to pay for prescriptions.

Prescriptions are free in Wales, so the above changes only apply to English patients. People in Scotland and Northern Ireland will see their prescription costs reduce by £1 from 1 April, as part of plans to phase out these costs.

Dentist fees

If its been a while since youve been to see your dentist, then consider making an appointment before 1 April. After this date, the cost of a check-up for Band 2 treatment - such as a filing or root canal - will increase from £44.60 to £45.60. A check-up will also increase by 30p to £16.50. These increases only apply to people living in England."


oh shame good i get free prescriptions

move to wales prescriptiosn are free lol

are you trying to depress us with all these threads haha

Not if you live in Scotland, or the principality with the sheep and leeks....

no i think kippy is playing a joke on us heh

Original Poster


are you trying to depress us with all these threads haha

no, but it is looking that way eh ... LOL

Original Poster

haha just one more re: petrol but i shall post it here ....

"Petrol prices

The postponed 2p increase in fuel duty finally comes into force on 1 April, and as a result drivers are likely to see the cost of petrol rise. The AA estimates that pump prices will increase this year by another 2.12p as a result of the tax change, with the cost of filling a typical tank with unleaded petrol 5.53p more expensive per litre compared to the start of the year.

You can cut the price of petrol by shopping around for the cheapest pumps in your area, using websites such as, or by using credit cards that offer discounts on fuel. Supermarket forecourts also tend to be the cheapest place to fill your tank, while garages on motorways and other busy roads tend to charge a premium. "

doesnt affect me as much – i dont have a car, and the OH is not riding for awhile (had pneumonia and recovering) so we just have to ensure the bike's fuel is not siphoned away! have signed up for this work trial for riding for a month, but i hear needs credit card details .... will have to read fine print. london has too much bike thefts.
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