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    I have a £9 voucher for 2 pairs of £39 glasses currently advertised on MSE. All i require is reading Glasses and the Poundland ones usually suffice when at home. Thought i would splash out ( well £9, hardly) on a couple of pairs from using the voucher.

    The thing is, i am not interested in having an eye test as the + 2.00 Poundland ones are fine for reading and that is all i need them for. Can i order +2.00 online without all the prescription rigmarole?



    just use the poundshop ones, or 'splash out' on a pair from the chemist

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    just use the poundshop ones, or 'splash out' on a pair from the chemist

    But i already have the £9 voucher which buys 2 £39 pairs at glassesdirect. Voucher must to be used before the end of the month. My question was, is there a way to just purchase the frames with + 2.00 reading lenses from glasses direct or has anybody managed to do this with any other online supplier?

    i know but do you really need two pairs worth possibly £39?
    i've ordered online only once and you had to enter all the perscription details including pupil distance

    if you really want them tesco do free eye exams and d&a usually have a voucher online too

    Stick to pound shop and flog voucher on ebay? If you are going to let me know (send a link or something!)

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    cheers, might as well go for the eye test. The last time i did though, used D&A, sent off prescription to goggles4u got glasses i coundn't see through.

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