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Found 15th Feb 2009
I have searched the internet but just cannot find a decent site to get prescription sunglasses! They all seem to make you want to just choose a standard frame and get the lenses polarized - normal glasses frames with a brown tint look nothing like sunglasses! Selectspecs allow you to choose decent designers (police, rayban) and they remove the lenses and replace it with their own - does this work or will the lenses just not look right with the frames?
Has anyone had any experience with this or know where I can get a decent pair from?
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Depends on prescription and how much you want to spend.I have got Oakley half jackets with prescription oakley lenses. Only problem is you buy the sunglasses and then add the lenses on top. So oakley half jackets abot £100 add prescrition lesesthink they are around £190 and its £290. Alhthough lenses are changeable so if you wear contacts you can put non prescription in real easy. Try [url]www.rubensmenswear.com[/url]
But you can buy any frame you want and put oakleys own precscrition lenses in.
visit tescos - mine react to light and they look just like sunglasses
thanks for the tips! After further investigation it seems that it is really hard to make polarised lenses the same curvature of sunglasses - and very expensive. I've been quoted upwards of 200 quid for a decent pair but then you don't know whether the coloured lens is going to look good or not and whether you want to spend so much on something that ultimately will get sat on quite easily! If anyone can find a good looking 'curved' pair of prescription sunglasses for a reasonable price - please let me know!!
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