Present Advice - what do 6yr old girls like !!

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Found 15th Dec 2010
Im really stuck - I have to buy a 6yr old girl a pressie for xmas. She has everything though :s only about £10 I spend so as you can imagine i am finding it hard. Clothes - she wears good quality, expensive clothes, mostly named brands. Toys - I wouldnt know where to start!! She is a girly girl, loves hair, pretty girly things. She is such a princess, lovely kid fair play. I would appreciate suggestions.

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£10 claires accessories voucher?


Some sort of craft kit, cross stitch kit etc

justin bieber?

try this??

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try [url=this]this[/url]??

She loves perfume - so could get her that with something else....

lol... this is why I had the page open to link you.... 3 similar aged nieces!!! X)

edit... not found the something extra yet.... bare with me!! lol
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pcnutta i found a highschool musical 3 set... was into hsm last yr but heaven knows if she still is! LOL

I find home bargains really good for topping up!!

I have just bought some sewing kits from which look really good, they have this one for £9.50…38/
You can choose to sort by age group on here - just choose 4 - 9 years and you are away!

'A perfect craft kit for children the Buttonbag Mouse House box contains 18 pre-cut felt circles (enough to make six rainbow-coloured mice and their cheese) and the box can be decorated and turned into their house too.'

My daughter loves this but it says 8+ years Your text here

and this is a good safe present that shes sure to like Your text here

the high school musical perfume is also 4.99 on offer at argos. I got 2 hannah montana and 1 hsm perfume yesterday for 9.98 because it was also 3 for 2 so maybe you could get her both perfumes and then get something for free.x
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This is a bit more expenisive but well worth it as its something I doubt she will already have. Bought it for our neice last year and she was amazed by it. Flitter fairies

This microwavable Tigger is a grrreat price and it's really cute

10 things from poundland, like notepad, pens, photo frame etc, wrap them all individually and that would be pretty nice for a 6 year old in my opinion. The excitement of unwrapping and opening things is just soooo over the top at that age.

Also i think HSM is old now my young 6 year old cousin is all Hannah Montana now, we got her a HM canvas and lamp
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