Present for a 3yr old girl - also decent pj's

    My youngest daughter will be 3 on the 11th..she has an older sisterwho will be 4 at end of January and who likes to be boss....trying to think what to get her for her birthday that they will both enjoy and her sister wont steal from her but can play with her...I know they like those finger paint etc games they have at airportsand soft play centres, they enjoy their etch a sketchs so looking for something along those lines....anyone recommend something based on their own kids? Dont mind if its something only available second hand now as will source it if need be and can get her other stuff - also anyone recommend any good brands of pj's that wash well for toddlers - my favs I got them were the chinese style - they are good quality and wash very well....

    Cheers for any thoughts...they also like sand pit etc but bear in mind I stay in North-east of scotland and its blinking cold up here!


    You can't beat M&S for jammies for children and lots of styles.


    Send em to boot camp or maybe:

    I always wanted to go to army boot camp when I was growing up.

    Pressie-wise, it's probably worth checking out the 3 for 2 promotion on at boots children's christmas toys.

    I recommend a playdough machine, the one which squeezes the playdough into different shapes and sizes.

    if they like etch a sketch then they would love colour doodle - just pop that into the search box in amazon and it comes up - the other one would be the aqua draw deluxe that comes as a largish roll out cloth which i found was great for two kids as one can doodle on one corner and the other can use the other side!!(also has two pens with it)

    I'm in roughly the same situation, my middle wee one will be 3 on the 1st Nov and her sister will be 5 on the 23rd December.

    They both like playing the Wii and Cbeebies on my laptop.

    They have a toy room full of toys that they dont even look at.

    I dunno what to get either.

    Gap PJs are the best. Lovely soft feel, hard wearing and very nice prints. Most of ours have served 2 kids and still looking good.

    For a present - how about Buckaroo. My 4 yr old loves it. - fab for jammies! Always get my lil one's from them and they wash really well

    Oh and prezzie-wise... I'd agree with the Aqua draw idea!! It sounds like they'd like that kinda thing, my lil one's 3 and looooves it

    i get my daughters pj's from next there fab
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