Present for a 4 year old

    hi all,
    My liitle boy has got a party tomorrow for a 4 year old girl, i know ive left it late, so need some idea's for a pressie, nothing online obv as it wont arrive.
    only looking to spend around a fiver (he's at a party every week so cant afford more than this)
    any ideas gratefully recieved!


    Tesco are brill for ideas on that - if you have one with toys near by. They do, arty stuff pretty cheap like make ur own jewellery, paint ur own teaset, barbie type dolls etc etc ...... :thumbsup:

    do you have a claires accessories nearby cos they have lots of girly sets with hairband, jewellery etc

    Get some colouring books, Charlie and Lola or something. Try the pound shops.

    tesco and asda do those cute little pocket book sets too for about £4 i got a dora one the other week for a 4th birhday, it was a little box set with 6 books in it

    if you have 'The Works' nearby they have some good kiddies books for less than a fiver :thumbsup:

    My daughter had her 4th birthday party last week and got a lovely Disney Princess Art Set which I think is from Asda and probably only cost about £5 as she had a joint party with a friend so people were having to buy 2 pressies. One of her favourite presents was a stamp set and Diary from Next (diary was £4, they left the price on!!) and then she got a colour in mug and lots of little things that she was thrilled with. I find girls are easier to find something small and cheap and decent for so like said above, go for hairgrips or art stuff to be safe, disney princess and high school musical at age 4 should be a hit too.

    Barbie Petites Club dolls. My 4 year old loves em. And they are less than a fiver.

    Dang! I knew woolies had a few things I'd miss.

    Great for kiddies last minute birthday party gifts - and bits and pieces too.

    Original Poster

    thanks all, some really good ides!!…htm

    Cant go wrong, if you can get any of these in your local Argos. Stock up for the next party as well. :thumbsup:

    go for craft stuff - girls love craft things!

    borders had some little miss t shirts reduced to 2.50 from a tenner the other day!
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