Present for girls age between 8-11

Posted 18th Jan
I need to buy birthday presents to 2 sisters. Could you please give me some ideas? Also with links if possible?
Planning to spend around max £40.
I have thought if these ideas so far
Silver earrings or bangles
PlayStation games
Fancy dress
Hamper (with many small gifts?)

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At that age have you thought about craft sets, make your own bangles etc?
Here’s an idea ask the parents what there into..
If you are related/close and wanna do something really special take them shopping explain they have £20 each and enjoy a few hours in a toy shop or hobby craft or shopping centre.. one might like clothes and the other monster trucks..
Might be worth asking the parents to see if they have anything they are really into at the moment? Unless you know they are girly girls it could be dangerous buying gender specific things...

Other ideas for 8-11 in general could be Craft sets, stem sets(You can get build yourself AI robots which kids would love, coding Lego etc), Vouchers for cinema tickets with a voucher for popcorn, board game, something decorations for their room maybe a fancy lava lamp type thing of sorts.
Lush products! My daughter loves them!
Bath bomb giftsets available in store or online.
Take them out for the day to celebrate. Swimming, meal cinema. Yours or their call.
Rollerblades? (£30 @ decathlon) my 8 and 10 year olds got some for Xmas- love them!
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