Present help - best mate!

    Just realised i haven't got my best mate a crimbo pressie!!
    Looking for some help as have no idea what to get him.
    Ideally no more than £30 but need a good pressie.

    He's into his cars, loves top gear and F1 but think he has everything to do with it.

    Was thinking of 1 of those driving days that were on here a little while ago but think they were over £50

    Any ideas guys.


    I think there is an F1 book of the year and maybe a DVD of the season??

    some driving things here…_-a

    but might be pushing it a bit for £30

    there is a 25% off voucher tho, valid for 2 more days

    Discount: 25%
    Minimum Spend: £0.00
    Promotional Code: rudolph09
    Expiry: 24/12/2009

    Lamborghini Driving Thrill Special Offer
    £69, with 25% voucher should be around £51

    in asda they sell stig shower gel, soap, bag gift set, keyring and few other bits, maybe get him a few little bits and give him a voucher for somewhere.

    Get to Menkind and pick him up a Yard Of Ale glass. That's what I've got my best mate.

    Drunken nights ahead.

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys for all your suggestions.
    I think i may actually get the lamborghini day.
    £7.50 postage tho :oops:
    Won't matter too much if i dont get it by crimbo so think i'll just go with the 1st class delivery, £1.95.

    Thanks again and merry christmas :santa:;-)

    do guys actually buy their mates christmas presents in real life?

    me and my mates have never so much as exchanged glances at christmas.


    How about a motoring magazine subscription

    You often get a good discount off the cover price

    and he gets to remember your genorosity for the whole year
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