Found 28th Dec 2008
the real news channel

sky channel 515


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what was it, i missed it

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what was it, i missed it

iv started watching this channel and im suprised how diffrent the news is from the normal waffle heard on sky news and bbc news 24

whilst sky news was pimping the boxing day sales as the most important news in the wholse world, for 2 days every single 15 mins again and agai- i decided to listen to other news channels. very plesentaly shocked at thier news coverage.highly recommending press tv

Good if you like news...!!!.jpg

press tv is amazing. its nearly as good as al jazeera. its jus PURE news, no biased comments, no nonsense. it says it exactly as its happening!
i was watchin sky news today and it was sooo biased.
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