Pressing "Back" on the browser.

Found 24th Mar 2010
When I am at work, and I press the back button on the browser after submitting a reply to a thread, it takes me to the main forum that I was using.

At home, it takes me to the reply box with my reply ready to be submitted, if I press back again, it takes me to the thread I was about to reply to, and only on the third press of the back button, does it take me to the main forum.

I use Firefox, and Windows Vista at work, and apart from the last few days, the same set up at home.

Any ideas why? I would prefer it to work how it does on the work PC.
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cookies ?
it might be browser cache settings i.e. on work pc it appears to be more agressively (regulaliry) requesting page content rather than reading from local cache

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