Pressure cookers - any good deals around?

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Found 29th Sep 2007
Could anyone point me in the right direction :thumbsup: A friend wants one for her birthday present.


Which? says
Best Buys Morphy Richards 48715
Price: £27
Score: 85%
This Morphy Richards slow cooker has a huge capacity and made excellent casseroles as well as the best roast on test.
It’s very heavy, though.

The roast chicken was golden brown all over, and its flesh was tender and juicy, slipping easily off the bone.
Cuisinart CSC650U
Price: £70
Score: 84%
This Cuisinart slow cooker is
really good at cooking stews, but its instructions strangely ban the roasting
of whole chickens.

You can roast joints of beef or lamb, but unlike the other slow cookers on test, the instructions say it may not reach a safe temperature when used to roast whole chickens.
Micromark MM9879
Price: £33
Score: 84%
The Micromark is essentially a really good machine, fantastic at stews.

Stews cooked on the high setting received consistently better ratings for taste and texture than stews cooked on the low setting. It also has one of the lightest combinations of lid and bowl – a good compromise for anyone who wants to cook in bulk but has difficulty lifting. The 3.5- litre capacity is big enough to feed 4 to 6 people.Only the stoneware pot can be washed in the dishwasher.

Prima PS0003
Price: £13
Score: 83%
The diminutive Prima is one of the lowest powered models on test, offering good cooking performance and handy features.

It uses just 148 watts on the low setting and 249 watts on high (this is less power than 3 100-watt light bulbs).

Don't Buys
Hinari SC395SS
A gap between the edge of the switch casing and body in the Hinari meant that overflowing liquid ran behind the switch casing and into the electrical switch unit in our tests. Hinari has shown us its planned redesign, which may solve the problem. If you have already bought this model, take care and check for gaps.

Paul Rankin
This model is about to be rebranded as Jean Christophe Novelli. When we opened up the base casing we found that one of the screws holding the unit together had caught an internal wire, stripping off the plastic insulating material and exposing the metal conductive core. If the unit is adequately earthed, the worst that should happen is that the cooker will blow its fuse and stop working – but it’s inconvenient.

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Aquatic you rock!

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p.s I can't find any google details on the Prima model - where can I but from?

Prima PS0003

The diminutive Prima is one of the lowest powered models on test, offering good cooking performance and handy features.

It uses just 148 watts on the low setting and 249 watts on high (this is less power than 3 100-watt light bulbs).

This slow cooker also has an auto cook setting (it starts on high power and drops to low), which we found cooked the food better than using just the high or low setting.

The Prima is convenient – you can prepare food in the ceramic pot and keep it in the fridge for up to 2 days. So you could brown your meat or veg the night before, then add the other ingredients and switch it on in the morning before you go to work.

The white enamelled exterior is much easier to keep clean than stainless steel, which is prone to finger prints.

Pros: Convenient, fridge to cooker pot, easy clean exterior

Cons: Only 6 recipes

Contact details:Prima 0844 581 5000

How do slow cookers work?
Slow cookers work by applying a small amount of heat (around 3 100-watt light bulbs’ worth) over 3 to 12 hours. As a result, the fibres in cheap cuts of meat break down, providing great tender taste at a low cost (compare £5 for a kg of braising steak with £23 for a kg of fillet steak).

What does ‘auto cook’ do?
Cooking on auto means the machine starts on high and drops to low for the rest of the cooking time. We found on the models Which? tested that auto cook cooked meat stews better than either the high or low setting.

How can I replace convenience foods with slow cooker meals?
If a couple replaced 2 shop bought ready meals a week (£2.99) with a slow-cooked meal, they could save around £600 a year.

3 to 12 hours may seem like a long time, but once you’ve put your prepared ingredients in the pot and turned it on, you don’t need to touch it until everything is cooked. With a little preparation, either the night before or in the morning before work, you can come home to piping hot food.

Combine this with separately steamed pre-washed and chopped veg, for a healthy dinner at a speed to rival a microwave meal.

I’m vegetarian – what can I use the slow cooker for?
Vegetarians will find a slow cooker very useful for cooking dried bean, lentil and pea dishes. To prepare the pulses, they’ll need to be soaked overnight to soften, and boiled for 10 minutes to get rid of the toxins.

What are the advantages of slow cookers?
Slow cooking removes the need to stir. Hob cooking without stirring encrusts pan bottoms with burnt on remains.

Your slow cooker doesn’t need constant attention like a pan on the hob either. An unwatched pan on the hob will boil over and then boil dry.

Can I roast meat in my slow cooker?
Yes. Roasting in a slow cooker uses an average of 246 watts, a tiny amount of power, heating a small space. Compare this with the average oven which uses around 700 watts.

The large oval slow cookers are brilliant at roasting chickens. This is because the space available matches that of the bird. Small round joints roast best when matched to the small round slow cookers.

What else can I do with my slow cooker?
Slow cooking puddings are a doddle. Pudding ingredients are put into individual bowls which are placed in the main ceramic pot. Boiling water is then poured in between the bowls, half way up their sides. Any mess created by puddings boiling over is contained in the easy clean ceramic pot. Cooking Christmas puddings has never been so easy.

Slow cookers are also great for jam - they speed up the jam making process by softening fruit without drying it out. Slice fruit and slow cook on a low heat overnight to make a great jam base.

Select a volume to suit your catering needs. For bulk family cooking look for a stated capacity of 6 litres (useable volume of 4.5 litres).This will feed 6 to 8 diners. If you are more likely to be cooking for 1 or 2 then choose a smaller 3.5 litres (useable volume of 2 litres).

Bowl shape
Choose a round pot if you plan to only cook stews or curries. This will give you the most choice when it comes to volumes. Pick an oval pot if you want the option of cooking roast chicken.

Slow cookers are heavy. Get them delivered if you can. Weights for ceramic bowls and lids are the empty weights. Liquid will significantly add to this weight.

This setting was only present on 3 of our tested models, but the food cooked on this setting was judged to be better than food cooked using either the high or low setting. The auto-cook setting starts cooking on high and after an hour continues to cook on low.

Hi (high) setting
This is recommended for cooking pale meat e.g. chicken. It cooks the meat faster (3-6 hours) and at a slightly higher temperature.

Med (medium) setting
This setting was only present on one machine. It is useful for cooking faster without losing all the slow cooking benefits.

Low setting
This is recommended for cooking cheap cuts of red meats as it breaks down the connective tissues and gets better results than cooking on the high setting. Cooking on this setting can take 10 to 12 hours.

Keep warm
A keep warm or hold setting prevents food drying out if your diners are delayed, but stops it getting cold.

This setting was only present on one machine. It is useful if you are going to be away longer from the slow cooker than the recipe states as the slow cooker turns to 'keep warm' at the end of the cooking time.

On indicator light
An indicator light is a good visual indicator that your slow cooker is working.

Cord length
Extension leads are dangerous as liquids can be easily spilt into them. Make sure your slow cooker cord will easily reach.

Check your instructions. For some, only the lid is dishwasher proof.

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Now I want one for myself too with all that info. Sounds like something I would really use!

Will phone the number provided tomorrow. Cheersies

I checked with Prima and they say that until they have a large order from e.g Robert Dyas, they will not re-order, although they have had hundreds of people ringing them up. A large order = a container load, and that is 5,000:whistling:

Just a quick note - the OP was asking for a 'pressure cooker', are the ones that have been posted 'slow cookers' ?

Argos have a Tower Radient 6ltr Pressure cooker half price at £19.99
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