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    Can any one name me any recent pressure groups that have done anything significant in the past 2-3 months?

    also any recent insider pressure groups? (groups that work with goverment)

    Basically got my politics AS module tomorrow ans was reading past examiner's reports the kept talking about the top candidates give reference ti very recent events, examples ive already got are

    The Stop the War coalition did not stop the war, but it may have made future wars more difficult

    Make Poverty History did not make poverty history, but it may have moved debt relief and other issues further up the agenda.

    I just learnt today that Greenpeace are not a insider group and if i out that inn my exam i wont get no marks.
    NSPCC is though.

    Fathers for justice extreme action to get their point across (outsider)


    ino in an exam wiklipidea is not allowed but maybe a start?…dom

    what about the school teaxching assistants walk out that is a form of pressure group is it not?

    or postal strikes?

    ino it goes back more than 3 months but what about the pressure groups involved with stopping water charges?

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    thanks for that found a really good one, In November 2006, The Big Ask campaign was widely credited with forcing the government to include the Climate Change Bill in their legislative programme, set out in "the Queen's Speech". and the CND is one i have, thanks.
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